Photo by  Paul Ramirez

Photo by Paul Ramirez

Journalist turned creative content producer. Went rogue by defying my parents’ wishes for law school. I love digging into big ideas & finding the most creative ways to share them.

So, how did I end up here?

Long story short; born in Houston to a crazy (loud) Lebanese family, grew up in Dubai amongst sand dunes & hot hot beaches, studied journalism/business foundations at the University of Texas at Austin (HOOK ‘EM!), explored digital media through a list of internships, worked in a newsroom, quit my job in the newsroom, started freelancing & voila.

Some things I specialize in are photography, creative direction, copy editing, content planning, brand development & social media copy.

Things I like: Colors, olives, Google suggested edits, playlists, obscure Wikipedia pages, bottomless coffee, curly hair product review videos, Pinterest boards, excessive amounts of jewelry

Want more? Contact me & let me work for you! I'm looking for full-time opportunities (& always freelance gigs) anywhere, everywhere. 

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