the 10 signs you know it wasn't your week

1) you put your clothes in the dryer and start the washer to efficiently clean NOTHING

2) you have a sock tan

3) your mom keeps telling you you've suddenly developed a lisp

4) you realize you were in the wrong major once you're about to graduate

5) you still have no cap and gown

6) there are too many jobs to apply to and get rejected from that it's giving you anxiety

7) you and your roommate collectively realize that your love life has been a string of instances where either A) people break up with you or B) everyone else lived in another country/moved away

8) you don't want senior photos you just want money

9) you forgot to log out of a CMA computer so someone used your email to email you and say to log off next time 

10) you have work at 7:45 am and it's 2:04 am