2 minutes on being 22 - the new chapter

my dreams are finally coming true! taylor swift can be sung loud and high at the top of my lungs forever and ever...well, just until i'm 23. then, obviously, it's blink 182's what's my age again. that's already a given. 

some thoughts on turning 22:

  • now, i'll feel super cool when i go to the bar for a drink and i'm no longer 21. i'll be like, "yeah, i'm 22." you know what i mean!? it's like, i'm of age, but you won't look down on me cause i'm 21. cause i'm not. i'm 22. i'm a 22 year old with a disney debit card instead of a 21 year old with a disney debit card. I'M PUMPED 
  • i'm graduating in less than a month. i'm *supposed* to have my life figured out, including where i'll be living, my next move, a job lined up-- and guess what. i have none of this figured out! it's a thrilling feeling knowing i'll be getting lit tonight and so far, my future career is festering slowly in a fire pit. -insert fire emoji(s)-
  • time flies by faster the older you get. it's sort of like spotting a donut from afar in the store window. you start walking towards it, but you find that your feet unconsciously keep picking up, and then you're sprinting instead of walking cause you really want to munch on that delicious piece of confectionary.
  • it's a crazy thought-- i was graduating high school four years ago, weeping on a stage with my best friends like i weep whenever i see bambi's mother die [or whenever mufasa dies]. and now, i'm graduating again, but this time, in a completely different city with completely different people.
  • i'm worried that the phenomenon of "happy hour" will find me and slowly slip itself into my daily routine. stay tuned. 
  • views by drake was officially released on my bday and the clouds have parted for this greatness. drake was like, "hey, dahlia. it's a special day girl. here's my album for you." i said thank you v politely and walked off. 

ok, that actually didn't happen. but still.

all this said, the good thing about growing up, is, well, i'm growing up. i'm an individual and i'm soon to be fully independent, away from the shackles of my parents!!!!!11111


SIKE do you know who my parents are? i'll be 30 and my mom will fight wars, kill dinosaurs, and start tribal fires to make sure she reaches the door before i step out to say, "don't be late!" but hey, maybe it won't be so bad. having my mother as a consistent and constant force in my life is a good thing. 

though some things will always stay the same, i know a lot has changed and my life is ever evolving. i grew up in place where we all knew our friendships were transient-- an influx of new people would come in and and influx of people would leave. that was the life as an expat kid. but the truth is, the people that matter from my past life are still in my life today and the people who are in my life now are here for a reason. i used to be so concerned with traveling around, "reconnecting" with my friends and the loss of time, but really, time shouldn't really change anything in retrospect. i'm 22, and i fully expect to continue living life day by day, conscious that where i am in my life at this very second is where i'm supposed to be right now. 

P.S. - me and all my girls are going to all live in a big house on the beach. agos, you'll be the cook and haya you can clean. 


xoxo, gossip girl