he was in my dream

i was wandering in my deepest dream when i found him. 

he was with the company of his guitar and glasses, lost underneath tall blades of grass. he was there, but he was also somewhere else. he was comfortable near the brook, one leg teasing itself in and out of the water. the mountains were reaching beyond the skies, each top coated with snow. the sun was setting, and his skin was gold. i could see my friend's soft smile even from afar. 

i stopped to the left of him, looking down at the top of his head. 

"what are you doing here?" 

he barely moved his head up toward me, but i could see his eyes. they were bolder than the sun.

he gave me quick wink before he began to strum his guitar and hum to the water.

all i wanted to do was hold him again. 

"i haven't seen you in a while."

he kept his eyes religiously shut as he continued to strum. he motioned his head to a spot next to him.

i rested my body against his side as he played. the sky was filled with words, his thoughts scrolling up and down in black font as the orange sun was beginning to fade. 

"do you have to go? just stay here, please. you always leave." 

he stopped strumming. he placed the guitar on a patch in front of him before wrapping his arms around me. i began to cry as he held me. 

he was humming again as he rocked me back and forth. the mountains began to crack and avalanche on themselves as i cried harder and harder. the smile never left his face, even as the tangerine sun was sinking into the river. it was almost over. 

"come back with me," i begged. "don't go."

the mountains were crumbling into the river, and the rapids were gaining traction. the trees were wilting to the floor, creeping their ways back into the ground. the words were shrinking and disappearing into the clouds. i could feel his arms grow thin. 

"come back? but i never even left," he whispered.

the blue sky was dissipating into white as the mountains became rubble. everything around us was crashing into each other, but he kept humming. i cried and cried and cried, only to find myself in the back of a boat, cruising the river. i looked behind me to see him in the same spot, strumming his guitar, smile plastered. he waved goodbye as i called his name. he became smaller and smaller and smaller as i coasted to the edge of the cliff. 

i woke in my bed this morning. i hope to see him tonight.